Get to know your device

The Pillwise Bezel is simple to use and with the full color display, on screen instructions and notifications are clear and easy to read.

Your pills are protected beneath a locking cover until your
dose is ready to dispense.

Pillwise will eject your correct cup only for that dose.

Locking Tray

Protect your pills and keep them stored until it is time to take them.

High Capacity

Load up to 28 separate doses in a single tray and schedule your times as often as you need them.

Pillwise is Designed to Help You

Track Progress

Our built in progress tracker gives you a weekly and daily progress report.

Audible Alarm

An internal speaker provides audible alarm tones when it is time for a dose.

Wifi Enabled

Wifi allows friends to manage device, set up doses, and track your progress.

Large Cup Size

Pillwise cups are designed to hold all your medication and can accommodate large pill sizes.

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